High-quality powerful dehumidifiers provide stabile work and precise control of the moisture removal (70 pints/day or 95 pints/day depending on the model). Embedded with transparent water level indication and convenient handle, the equipment makes it easier to operate the process and create the necessary humidity in any space. Turbo mode, Auto protection and Self-diagnosis – these features creates the maximum efficiency of the high-class climate control equipment from C&H.


Multi zone heat pump is reliable, energy efficient and quiet equipment from C&H. +Multi systems, with inverter technology, are some of today's most advanced ductless split heat pumps . Providing cooling and heating at up to 5 zones, it’s a perfect solution for residential and commercial applications. For even greater result mix and match chosen Wall Mount, Ceiling Cassette, Concealed Duct, Universal Floor/Ceiling and Mini Floor Console indoor units to create unique +Multi heating and cooling system. Duct type units are designed to be installed above suspended ceilings or within open closet spaces and offer ultimate flexibility. Variable speed heat pumps, powered by I-Action inverter, provide same heating capacity as electric heat, while using only 1/3 of electric energy. Systems are energy saving (up to 22 SEER) and provide comfort in an efficient way.


Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners are commonly used in hotels, housing facilities, hospitals and sunrooms due to special requirements and settings. Heat pumps and unit’s with heat strips is a climate control equipment which offers accurate control. It’s a perfect solution for different settings. Features like Fresh Air Ventilation, Digital temperature control, Auto defrost provide chosen space with comfort and clean air. Fast cooling and heating, strict operation and modern design. Commonly installed in window walls and masonry walls.

Portable air conditioner

Portable air conditioner from C&H is a high class solution for any room. This type of conditioning is often used in hairdressing salons, cafes and other public places. The cooling capacity of the unit varies depending on the model—12,000-13,500 Btu/h. There are Dual Hose and Single hose available. The dual hose air conditioner is a good choice for big spaces and rooms. It doesn’t create negative air pressure inside the room and operates more quickly. Portable unit has Self-diagnosis and Auto protection features, Sleep mode, Timer, Self evaporative system and many other features that provide confident and strict operation. It’s unnecessary now to decide in which room to install the system, because portable air conditioner can be moved in any space you need. Everything for your comfort.


SINGLE ZONE air conditioning systems offer superior performance, energy-efficiency, and comfort in stylish solutions conforming to all interior spaces and lifestyles. A broad array of models allows the perfect match of style and performance to any interior space.

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