Air-Master RX4
Air-Master RX4


  • Energy Efficiency Class A;
  • Intellectual defrosting;
  • Compact and laconic design;
  • Stylish LED Display;
  • Current time displaying on the remote control panel;
  • 1W power consumption in the standby mode;
  • Ozone friendly highly efficient freon R410A;
  • Compact and hi-tech design. Width 730 mm;
  • Wide-angle shutters to cover the entire premise's space in the automatic air distribution mode SWING. Nine various options of shutters vertical positions, as set with the remote control panel;
  • Self-cleaning of the inner unit. After the air conditioner switch off the fan keeps running and removes moisture form the heat exchanger, thus preventing mould and fungi formation, as well as generation of bacteria inside the unit;
  • Equipped with two filters, to be selected (option): Antismell – activated carbon filter; Antimicrobial suppressor filter; Nano-titanic antichemical catalyzer filter; Electret filter; Catechine filter;
  • ЕСО-FRESH electrostatic air filter;
  • LED display on the inner unit's panel. Switch on / switch off with remote control panel;
  • Comfort sleep mode - SLEEP;
  • Intellectual control in AUTO mode – automatic change of the operation modes subject to changes of the premise temperature;
  • 24 hours switch-on and switch-off timer;
  • Turbo Mode. Switch on / switch off with one touch of the fan maximal speed button to launch intensive cooling or heating of air in the premise;
  • Fan hot hold to prevent forced-air cooling;
  • Moisture content reduction technology without temperature drop;
  • Removable washable panel;
  • Anticorrosive protection o the outer unit's body;
  • Antimicrobial coating of the remote control panel;
  • Heat exchanger with GREEN-FIN antimicrobial coating;
  • Automatic restart function with settings storage;
  • Automatic ice protection system;
  • Forced switch on / switch off of the defrosting function with remote control panel;
  • Voltage stabilization system and safe low voltage start;
  • Self diagnostics of the core units and modes failures.

Power consumption for heating : 0,94 kW
Power consumption for cooling : 1 kW
Performance, cooling : 3,25 kW
Performance, heating : 3,40 kW
Type of refrigerant : R410A
Indoor/outdoor unit weight : 10/31 kg
Source of electiricty : ~220-240V/50Hz/1F
Energy Efficiency ЕЕR (cooling) : 3,25 kW/kW
Air flow : 600 m³/hr
Indoor unit noise level (min/avg/max) : 29/33/35 dB(A)
Indoor unit dimensions (width/height/depth) : 848Х274Х189 mm
Outdoor unit dimensions (width/height/depth) : 776Х540Х320 mm
Outdoor unit noise level (min/avg/max) : 50 dB(A)
Energy Efficiency СОР (heating) : 3,61 kW/kW
Work temperature range : -7/43 °C
The mass of refrigerant : 0,80 kg
Liquid highway diameter : 6/1/4" mm/inch
Gas highway diameter : 9,53/3/8" mm/inch
Maximum height discontinuity highway : 10 m
Maximum length highway : 20 m
The distance between outdoor unit bolts : 510 mm