SINGLE ZONE air conditioning systems offer superior performance, energy-efficiency, and comfort in stylish solutions conforming to all interior spaces and lifestyles. A broad array of models allows the perfect match of style and performance to any interior space.

"Air-Master" Series

Increased operational life; Heat exchangers have the anti-corrosion coating GREEN-FIN; Wide angle louvers, that create a coverage of the entire space powered by the automatic function SWING...

"Arctic Inverter" Series

Household heat pump. Designed to provide warmth to the northern countries; Operating temperature range: cooling from -15°С to +48°C, heating from -25°С to +24°C; Continuous operation in the range of 96V-260V; The innovative, compact transformer.

"ICY II" Series

Single Zone Mini-Split System ICY II. A new double stage inverter compressor provides effective operation in the temperature range: cooling from -15°С to +48°C, heating from -30°С to +24°C; Noiseless operation of the indoor unit 20 dB(A); Wi-Fi module to control the air conditioner using the smartphone/tablet (ОS: Android).

"SUPREME" Series

Single Zone Mini-Split System SUPREME. Heat pump. Designed for efficient heating in a cold climate of Northern Europe; Modern two-stage inverter compressor efficiently operates in the temperature range -30°С - +54°C; Option of heating start at temperature +8°C; «CH SMART-ION Filter» - new generation of air cleaning technology; Wi-Fi module for easy remote control via smartphone (Android and iOS support); Compliance to EU Directive for ErP (Energy related Products) № 626/2011/EU from 1-01-2013 for consumer heat pumps and air conditioner with SEER A+++ SCOP A+++; Record low noise level 18db. Whole plastic body, seamless heat exchanger...

"Veritas" Series

Single Zone Mini-Split System Veritas (Inverter). It operates from -24 °С to + 48 °С for cooling and from -15 °С to + 24 °С for heating; Premium energy-efficient configuration GENERATON IV (increased quality control of assembly and materials); Advanced software that optimizes the operation of the air conditioner within a wide range of compressor speeds. Advanced software that optimizes the operation of the air conditioner within a wide range of compressor speeds; Self-cleaning of the indoor unit; Premium remote control with a new ergonomic case, night backlight and antibacterial coating; "I FEEL" function - built-in temperature sensor in the remote control. An accuracy of maintaining of the temperature is 0.5 °C


ALPHA series is the new residential inverter developed with all modern technological achievements. This air conditioner is one of the premiun segment: ALPHA is usable, simple, reliable and created as the very latest residential mini-split model, which designed with the purpose of saving energy under any climatic conditions.


Efficient temperature range from -15 °C to +43 °C; Full match with the current Directive from 1.01.13 European Union (Energy related Products) № 626/2011/EU for domestic heat pumps and air conditioners SEER A++ SCOP A++; Energy Efficiency Class A++. Energy-saving configuration of A++ Class Energy Efficiency type — Generation III; Advanced inverter technology I-Action; COLD PLAZMA function...

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