Supreme Series (Silver)
Supreme Series (Silver)
Remote Control
Remote Control


  • Heat pump. Designed for efficient heating in a cold climate of Northern Europe.
  • Modern two-stage inverter compressor efficiently operates in the temperature range -30°С - +54°C;
  • Option of heating start at temperature +8°C;
  • «CH SMART-ION Filter» - new generation of air cleaning technology.
  • Wi-Fi module for easy remote control via smartphone (Android and iOS support)
  • Compliance to EU Directive for ErP (Energy related Products) № 626/2011/EU from 1-01-2013 for consumer heat pumps and air conditioner with SEER A+++ SCOP A+++;
  • Record low noise level 18db. Whole plastic body, seamless heat exchanger
  • Higher class of energy efficiency. Energy saving equipment by type A+++ Class Energy Efficiency — Generation V
  • Stylish and compact design
  • Uninterruptable operation under input voltage range 96V – 260V. Innovative compact transformer.
  • Multispeed ventilator
  • Increased resouce
  • Time indicator on remote control
  • Ozone friendly R32 freon
  • Self-cleaning of indoor units. Ventilator continues operation after air conditioner stops and removes water from heat exchanger to avoid formation of fungus, molds and bacteriaю
  • Choice of filters for indoor unit: carbon "Anti-smell"; "Antibacterial suppressor"; "Nano-titanium antichemical catalyst"; Electret Dust Collector Filter; Catechin filter. Any two filters can be installed the same time.
  • Electrostatic air filter ЕСО-FRESH;
  • Covenient LED display on indoor unit. Can be deactivated by remote control.
  • Several modes for comfort sleep.
  • Intelligent AUTO mode – automatic change of working mode depending on temperature change.
  • 24-hours timer on-off.
  • Deferred ventilator start to avoid cold air flow in heating mode.
  • Antibacterial treatment of remote control.
  • Anticorrosion treatment of heat exchanger GREEN-FIN
  • Autorestart. Automatic saving last settings.
  • Intelligent defrosting system.
  • Manual switch of on/off  defrosting by remote control.
  • Power stabilizing for safe low-voltage start.
  • Self-diagnostic of main components and working modes
  • Blocking of control

Capacity, cold: 2,70 (0,70-5,00) kW
Capacity, warm: 3,50 (0,70-5,50) kW
Electric power supply: ~ 220-240В/50Hz/1Ph
Rated input, cold: 0,55 (0,08-1,80) kW
Rated input, warm: 0,75 (0,13-2,40) kW
SEER - Seasonal coefficient of performance (cooling): 8,5(А+++)
SCOP - seasonal coefficient of performance (heating): 5,1(А+++)
Air productive capacity: 430/500/560/620/670/720/800 m³/h
Sound-pressure level, indoor unit: 18/22/26/30/34/38/43 dB(A)
Sound-pressure level, outdoor unit: 53 dB(A)
Type of refrigerant coolant: R-32
Dimensions, indoor unit: 996х301х225 mm
Dimensions, outdoor unit: 899х596х378 mm
Weight, indoor unit: 13 kg
Weight, outdoor: 44,5 kg
Compressor type: rotor
Drainage: 0,8 l/h
Operational temperature range cooling: -18...+54 °C
Operational temperature range heating: -30...+24 °C
Gas charge volume: 1,0 kg
Liquid pipeline diameter: 6,38/1/4" mm/inch
Gas pipeline diameter: 9,53/3/8" mm/inch
Maximum pipeline level difference: 10 m
Pipeline maximum length: 15 m