ARCTIC inverter series
ARCTIC inverter series
ARCTIC inverter series


  • Household heat pump. Designed to provide warmth to the northern countries;
  • Operating temperature range: cooling from -15°С to +48°C, heating from -25°С to +24°C;
  • Continuous operation in the range of 96V-260V;
  • The innovative, compact transformer.

Capacity, cold: 5.13(1.05-6.50) kW
Capacity, warm: 5.275 (1.00-7.00) kW
Electric power supply: ~220-240V/50Hz/1Ph
Rated input, cold: 1.28(0.36-2.50) kW
Rated input, warm: 1.16(0.35-2.60) kW
Energy performance EER (Cold): 4.01kW/kW
Energy performance COP (Warm): 4.55 kW/kW
SEER - Seasonal coefficient of performance (cooling): 6.1(А++)
SCOP - seasonal coefficient of performance (heating): 5.4(А+++)
Air productive capacity: 800/720/610/520 m³/h
Sound-pressure level, indoor unit: 27/32/38/46 dB(A)
Sound-pressure level, outdoor unit: 54 dB(A)
Type of refrigerant coolant: R410A
Dimensions, indoor unit: 970х300х224 mm
Dimensions, outdoor unit: 963х700х396 mm
Weight, indoor unit: 13.5 kg
Weight, outdoor: 45 kg
Compressor type: rotor
Drainage: 1.80 l/h
Operational temperature range cooling: -15/+48 °C
Operational temperature range heating: -25/+24 °C
Gas charge volume: 1.30 kg
Liquid pipeline diameter: 6.38/1/4" mm/inch
Gas pipeline diameter: 12.7/1/2" mm/inch
Maximum pipeline level difference: 10 m
Pipeline maximum length: 25 m
Distance between the bolts of the outdoor unit fastening: 560 mm
Power supply: Outdoor unit