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Mini-split system Inverter Consol Series CH-S18FVX

cooling 5.27 (0.90-5.60) kW
Heating 5.50 (0.90-6.60) kW
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  • Slim size (depth 215 mm);
  • I Feel function. Temperature sensor in the remote control; 
  • Cold air supply in upward direction from the indoor unit 
  • Hot air supply from the bottom side of indoor unit
  • +8°C button; 
  • F-Gas R410A; 
  • High energy efficiency class А: EER 3,42; C.O.P. 3,62;
  • New generation DC-inverter rotor compressor; 
  • Energy savings up to 59%; 
  • Save start at electricity power range from 95 V to 260 V;
  • Stable Frequency Control – smooth and stable operation at compressor frequency ~15 Hz; 
  • Noise Analysis Technology – noiseless operation of indoor and outdoor; 
  • Energy consumption 1 W in a standby mode; 
  • Outdoor temperature range -15°C to +24°C for heating,  -15°C to +48°C for cooling;
  • Precise temperature control, < 0,5°C;
  • Indication of actual indoor and outdoor temperature, indication of indoor temperature;
  • Compressor soft start; electricity current <50А;
  • Energy-saving mode;
  • Automatic air circulation in SWING mode;
  • Turbo Mode button for the fast cooling and heating of the room;
  • Automation operation mode selection: cooling, heating, dehumidifying, ventilation;
  • Delay of operation start to avoid cold air flow;
  • Wide louvers for effective ventilation of the whole room;
  • Self cleaning of indoor unit. Ventilator removes water from heat exchanger after stop of cooling operation. This function prevents growth of bacteria and mold inside indoor units;
  • Bright and clear LED display.
  • Switchable backlight of the indoor unit display;
  • Humidity reduction without temperature decreasing;
  • Comfort mode SLЕЕР. Noiseless operation during 8 hours;
  • Removable washable prefilter and front panel;
  • On-off timer for 24 hours with 1 minute step;
  • Clocks on remote control;
  • Block function of the remote control;
  • Autorestart with memory of settings;
  • New generation auto defrosting systems Intelligent Preheating. Contrary to traditional defrosting activated regularly after fixed period of time Intelligent Preheating performs defrosting only when it really required. Thus it reduces energy consumption by avoiding unnecessary defrosting cycles.
  • Anticorrosion finishing of outdoor body;
  • Heat exchanger finishing GREEN-FIN;
  • Self-diagnostic of main functions and modes.

Standard features

Generation 3
LED display
Auto-swing louver
24hr timer mode
Super silent
Anticorrosion GREEN-FIN
Intelligent defrost function
Self-diagnosis error protection


Capacity Cold kW 5,27 (0,90-5,60)
Warm kW 5,50 (0,90-6,60)
Electric power supply ~220-240V/50Hz/1Ph
Rated input Cold kW 1,42 (0,35-2,50)
Warm kW 1,53 (0,35-2,50)
SEER - Seasonal coefficient of performance Cooling   3,46
SCOP - seasonal coefficient of performance Heating   3,87
Air productive capacity m³/h 650
Sound-pressure level Indoor unit dB(A) 28/34/40
Outdoor unit dB(A) 53
Type of refrigerant coolant R410A
Dimensions Indoor unit mm 700х600х215
Outdoor unit mm 955х700х396
Weight Indoor unit kg 14
Outdoor kg 49
Compressor type rotor
Drainage l/h 2,00
Operational temperature range Cooling °C -15 ... +43
Heating °C -25 ... +24
Gas charge volume kg 1,23
Liquid pipeline diameter mm/inch 6,38/1/4"
Gas pipeline diameter mm/inch 12,7/1/2"
Maximum pipeline level difference m 10
Pipeline maximum length m 25
Distance between the bolts of the outdoor unit fastening mm 560