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Dehumidifier WD5 CH-D014WD5-30LD (30 l/day)

productivity 1,36 l / h
power consumption 500 W
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  • Work modes: free dehumidifying, SLEEP, Living spaces, Basement rooms and Permanent dehumidifying mode;
  • Humidity Setting and Maintaining from 80% to 35%; adjustment step 5%;
  • Timer setting from 0,5 to 24 hours;
  • Block function with light indicator;
  • Original LED-display;
  • 3 fan speeds: fast, medium, slow;
  •  Indication of filter contamination (after 250 hours of work);
  • Automatic work stoppage in case of tank overfilling. If tank is overfilled, removed from the device or incorrectly located, the work process will be discontinued;
  • Memory function. In case of a power failure, all settings will be saved.


Moisture removal l/h 1,36
Moisture removal l/day 30
Rated input W 500
Ambient temp  °C 5-35
Air flow m³/h 275/225/200
Water tank volume l 7
Noise level (Hi/Mi/Lo) dB(A) 39/37/35
Weight kg 18,5
Dimension mm 380х610х285
Refrigerant type   R134A