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Air quality Study by WHO(World Health Organization)

The Swiss company IQAir analyzed data from more than 30,000 air quality monitoring sensors around the world, and concluded that only seven countries in the world meet the air quality standard. Australia, Estonia, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, New Zealand and Mauritius have a percentage of PM2.5 that meets WHO standards.

What is PM2.5 stsnds for? These are particles formed as a result of the combustion of metals and organic matter, the diameter of which is 2.5 microns. Therefore, it is very important to eliminate these particles so that the smallest toxic polluting elements do not form in the air. The receptors of our body are unable to protect themselves from these particles because of their size which allows them to penetrate into the pores. It's an extremely important to capture and neutralize these particles. The presence of particles with a diameter of 2.5 μm is not always associated with human activity. For example, there are a lot of them in Canada now, because forest fires raged in the USA all last year and the smoke was carried by the wind to the north.

During IQAir's analysis the most polluted countries on the planet were also listed. There are Pakistan, India, Tajikistan and Burkina Faso.
The average amount of air pollution in 2023 was 8.6 micrograms per cubic meter, which is almost twice the norm.
C&H air purifiers are equipped with HEPA 13 class filters that can clean the air of PM2.5 particles by 99.97%. A wide product line will allow you to choose a cleaner specifically for your room.


Air purifier Tien-shan series (CH-P55W5i)
• Cleaning productivity 550 m3/h
• Recommended up to 70m2
• PM2.5 sensors
• VOC sensor
• Ionization (in turbo mode)


Air purifier Alps series (CH-P36W5)
• Cleaning productivity 360 m3/h
• Recommended up to 45m2
• PM2.5 sensors


Air purifier Himalaya series (CH-P25B3i)
• Cleaning productivity 250 m3/h
• Recommended up to 40m2
• Ionization
• The most filled charcoal filter in the line (effective against smoke and odors)


Air purifier Andes series (CH-P23W5I)
• Cleaning productivity 250 m3/h
• Recommended up to 30m2
• Ionization


Air purifier Tatras series (CH-P15CW3I)
• Cleaning productivity 150 m3/h
• Recommended up to 20m2
• Ionization
• Indication of air quality

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