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Development of heating systems does not on hold. New and more energy efficient solutions for heating and hot water supply systems are being introduced every year.
The range of COOPER&HUNTER heat pumps are not outside the box. Popular Heat pump UNITHERM Series has already overcomed its third generation. 
UNITHERM 3 Series recommended itself as effective solution for heating and domestic hot water.

UNITHERM 3 ALL-IN-ONE Serie is the newest modification of the UNITHERM 3 heat pump, which combines a ready to go solution with an indoor unit within indirect hot water heating tank, controls and an outfoor heat pump unit.
UNITHERM 3 ALL-IN-ONE has range which extends from 4 kW up to 12 kW for heating and from 3.8 kWup to 11 kW for cooling.
This system represents a ready to go solution to providing heating, hot water supply and cooling of various types of buildings.

UNITHERM 3 ALL-IN-ONE heat pump, due to integrated TwoStage Compressor technology providing heating and domestic hot water supply even at temperatures of -25°C outside.
UNITHERM 3 ALL-IN-ONE is filled with latest eco refrigerant R32, which has the lowest impact on the environment.

The built-in Wi-Fi module and the BMS system allows UNITHERM 3 ALL-IN-ONE to be controlled from any place in the world. Smart menu has plenty control functions.
UNITHERM 3 ALL-IN-ONE from COOPER&HUNTER is the latest modern solution for heating, hot water supply and cooling systems!