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Business portal Cooper&Hunter This business portal is intended for dealers and business partners of “Cooper&Hunter”

“Cooper&Hunter” is a modern technological brand, we value our partners and maintain constant communication with them. Here you will find the necessary information for the successful sale of TM C&H products:

  • promotional materials (catalogs, brochures, layouts, corporate identity samples, videos);
  • technical instructions (user manuals, product passports, certificates);
  • detailed information for engineers and installers for installation, maintenance and troubleshooting (technical catalogs, videos);
  • on the individual page, the dealer can see personal commercial information, review the list of vehicles ready for sale and place a pre-order.

Other news

How Cooper&Hunter is Winning at Highly Competitive US Market?
11 / Jun / 2018
How Cooper&Hunter is Winning at Highly Competitive US Market? American traditional AC market has central ducted air conditioning culture with a long history. At the same time there are number of Asian brands, who are actively promoting ductless air conditioning systems in the US. What Cooper&Hunter is doing to win at this highly competitive market?
Testing Heat Pump Systems in a Laboratory
22 / Sep / 2016
Testing Heat Pump Systems in a Laboratory Finnish magazine TM Rakennusmaailma has taken testing of heat pumps from different manufacturers. For magazine issue, with help from natural resource center freezing warehouse in Vihti town, Finland, they tested equipment, which can operate in winter time, from C&H, Panasonic and Daikin. Heat pumps from these manufacturers, in according to existing data, can operate properly even when it’s -13° F(-25°C) degrees below zero.