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C&H service in Europe

To better take care of their customers and partners, Cooper&Hunter has opened the first unique integrated service center in Europe, located in Kiev. Cooper&Hunter’s training centers are also located in Vienna, Lviv, and Odessa. What makes the Kiev complex unique?

Our call center provides direct consultations, at the request of users and installers. Applications are accepted not only from Ukraine, but from all of Europe. All reports and consultations are recorded in a computer database, until the issue is fully resolved, in real time, without delay. In the showroom of the Climate-Control + (plus) store, visitors can get professional advice, consider new models for the European market, and purchase any Cooper&Hunter household climate control equipment.

In the integrated service center, the user can receive diagnostics and equipment repair services. Technical support of installers, engineers, and designers from different countries, takes place online by a group of qualified C&H experts.
For experienced professionals and beginners who sell and install Cooper&Hunter equipment, a modern training center is provided. 80% (eighty percent) of the time is devoted to hands-on practice with existing equipment models.

Innovative heat pumps, commercial and industrial climate control systems are used to cool and heat the entire complex. Automation, monitoring and remote control tools of the “smart home” type allow demonstration of an integrated service center as an example of energy efficient technologies of the European level. Photo and video reviews of models are carried out for distance learning.

The repair shop performs warranty and post-warranty equipment repairs and promptly delivers the repaired equipment to the customer. Universal stands allow compact placement of all standard sizes of climatic equipment for the purpose of diagnostics of repaired units. It also allows testing the parameters of new models in real climatic conditions.

A big bonus for professional installers is the availability of a spare parts warehouse, which speeds up the process of repair and maintenance of any model, especially in high season. In conclusion, the uniqueness of Cooper&Hunter’s European integrated service center lies in the combination of 8 (eight) important functions culminating in one place, namely: showroom, store for retail customers, on-line store, spare parts warehouse, repair shop, diagnostic laboratory, call-center and training center.

From consulting and technical support to convenience of purchasing, Cooper&Hunter aims to create the most comfortable conditions for their European customers.

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