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Assortment C&H heat pump range allows comply any heating, hot water supply and cooling needs in the summer.

EVIPOWER PREMIUM heat pump power range is from 8 kW to 23 kW for heating/hot water supply and from 6 kW to 11 kW for cooling. This allows covering a wide range of various solutions, both for industrial buildings and for the residential sector.

Due to multilingual menu, control of  heat pump is carried out casually and simply, and remote control capabilities, such as 4G Management Monitoring Network and Wi-Fi function, allows you to control the heat pump remotely.

The case of  heat pump is made of ultra-light and durable ABS plastic, and the system is filled with ecological refrigerant R32. This refrigerant is much environment friendly than previous types of refrigerant, at the same time, its efficiency meets all the latest international standards.

The modern Panasonic™ compressor with EVI technology guarantees reliable operation for heating and hot supply of premises at an external temperature of up to -25°С outside.

Implementation of  latest & newest technologies & components makes the EVIPOWER INVERTER heat pump one of the most effiient on the world market, which  is confirmed by the energy efficiency class A+++.