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Comfort of any living room consists of many key factors. Among them, the main ones are temperature, humidity and air quality.

If temperature and humidity can be regulated by traditional indoor climate units, so then, ventilation systems are responsible for air quality.

Within large years of experience in the production of ventilation units, COOPER&HUNTER introduces more and more new & actual products taking into account the latest technological achievements.

HRV..TKEC & HRV..WKEC series offers a ready-made compact solution for room ventilation, which organizes fresh, purified air that passes through a filter and heat recovery exchanger. The heat recovery exchanger is a special energy-efficient heat exchanger that uses the exhausted room air for further heating of the room. Due to in-built heat recovery exchanger, HRV..TKEC and HRV..WKEC series saves heating costs in the cold season.

Solution for home ventilation becomes especially urgent in the winter. This is primarily due to the heating of premises and, as a result, changes in outside/room temperatures and the formation of condensate. HRV..TKEC and HRV..WKEC ventilation systems from C&H not only provide fresh, prepared air for the room, but also actively fight the causes of condensation, which in turn can cause the appearance of fungus in living rooms.

HRV..TKEC & HRV..WKEC by COOPER&HUNTER are equipped with high-class filtration F7 filters and can produce prepared air with a capacity of 150 to 500 m3/h. Simple and intuitive automation allows you to easily control the ventilation units, and the lightweight housing made of ultra-durable EPP material allows you to quickly install the ventilation unit on the wall.

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