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Modern VRF technologies

New reality defines new terms & requirements to construction development. It becomes more & more relevant on beginnig of the new hot summer season.
VRF-Systems CHV Mini and Compact from COOPER&HUNTER are designed under conditions of latest building requirements. In particular, such systems are suitable for types of buildings with limited space for outdoor unit. That allows to save the significant installation costs.
Maximum refrigerant pipline is 300 m, whath, in turn, allows to implement the modern energy-efficient climate solutions in extremely difficult conditions without any losses of efficiency.
Huge amount of technological possibilities of CHV Compact and Mini systems from COOPER&HUNTER are also revealed by means of of simultaneously connection numbereous indoor units. Up to 8 indoor units can be connected to lone CHV Compact unit, and up to 9 indoor units can be connected to lone CHV Mini unit.
Most of models have a 230/1~ power supply, which greatly simplifies the electrical connection of the equipment and gives an additional advantage to the competitor.
CHV Mini and CHV Compact systems from C&H are modern and effective climate solutions!

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