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Application / Purpose

Mini-split system Nordic Evo NG

  • Built-in Wi-Fi module for remote control via smartphone (Android and iOS supported);
  • Air-to-air heat pump. Designed for the work in the climate of northern countries;
  • Step-less Fan Control – smooth control of indoor fan ventilation speed between 1 and 100%;
  • I-Action – smooth compressor operation at low frequency ~1Hz;
  • Outdoor temperature range 18°C to +48°C for cooling, -25°C to +24°C for heating;
  • Special algorithm for the stable and effective operation at low outdoor temperature;
  • Automation operation mode selection: cooling, heating, dehumidifying, ventilation;
  • Professional Line created for the professional installers;
  • Premium equipment «GENERATON V» (high quality materials and extended production control)
  • Precise temperature control, < 0,5°C;
  • cooling:2,60 (0,48-2,90) kW
  • Heating:2,80 (0,73-3,30) kW
  • cooling:3,40 (0,60-3,90) kW
  • Heating:3,60 (0,80-4,20) kW
  • cooling:5,27 (1,00-6,70) kW
  • Heating:5,50 (1,10-6,80) kW
  • cooling:6,45 (1,40-7,00) kW
  • Heating:6,60 (1,50-7,90) kW