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Introducing the new Cooper&Hunter Heat Pump: EVIPOWER Inverter R32!

EVIPOWER Inverter R32 is a “3 in 1” solution, with Heating, Cooling and Hot Water supply.

A wide range of Operation Modes includes: Heating, Cooling, Hot Water supply, Heating+Hot Water supply, Cooling+ Hot Water supply.

EVI DC Inverter Compressor Technology allows water heating up to 60 °C.

Energy efficiency rate according to ErP is A++.

The modern controller features a user-friendly design with various operation functions. Via touch screen menu, you can control temperature with accuracy in 0.5 °C increments. Water temperature curve is also available on the display.

The heat pump operates with newest and the most eco-friendly refrigerant: R32, which does not harm the environment and demonstrates a high rate of operational performance of the heat pump.

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